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What's New in 2018

In January of 2018 we will begin implementing some of the most inspiring changes to date. The majority of which center around what we feel is the core of our training programs, our “Secure” exercise and our Naked Dog Training (complete off-leash control with a command said once in a pleasant tone regardless of the situation).  

Secure Exercise

In 1997 when we started CPI the Secure exercise changed how a dog protected their owner.  It continues to set us apart from others in our field. It's not enough. A lot has changed in the world since then. First we changed how dogs protect their owners. Now we are changing how our clients use their dogs. (The changes to training have already begun.  We are preparing a video to share these exciting improvements.)

Naked Dog Training

Ten years ago we took CPI’s unique approach to training, and created Naked Dog Training. This opened our training to dogs of any breed and any age. Almost immediately we began having dogs shipped to us for training from around the country as well as from abroad. As a result we have been able to change the lives of both the dogs we work with and their owners.  It is truly a privilege to be a part of that change.

We are excited to expand the number of dogs we can help through new programs and services which will soon be available. For owners these changes will insure even greater outcomes, comprehensive long-term support and less of a wait to get dogs into our programs.

Two Companies

Our ever expanding staff (5 trainers, 5 kennel techs, 3 client care) , the upcoming increase in services and local handling instruction, a not-so-expanding facility, offices directly above the training center and two stories above the kennel (imagine 30 dogs barking at the same time while support staff answer the phone), it was time to separate the two businesses.

As of January of 2018 we moved CPI into a professional office building and have committed Ruth, a member of our senior training staff (and fiancée to John the owner and founder of CPI), to head up Client Care.  Charlotte (who has never spoken to a person she didn’t love) will continue to assist in client care with a focus on developing client care programs.

Our commitment to support insures questions will no longer need to be relayed to training staff for answers. Remote training sessions no longer have to be scheduled after training is completed in the training center at 5:00 pm. Both answers and remote training sessions are available immediately. Maybe best of all, no longer do clients and staff need to compete with dogs in order to be heard.

We understand the excitement our client’s feel between the purchase of their dog and the scheduled delivery. Our Client Care staff, along with senior trainers, are developing a program for an online “report card” in order to provide weekly updates including informal pictures and videos of your dog.