Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog



Sold to Nazi E. Minneapolis, MN

In the world of European working dogs Zidan really makes a statement. He is so substantial his head is far closer to an impressive Rottweiler in size than a German Shepherd! His body is much the same: huge bone and extreme substance. Then you add to this Zidan’s dark sable color, and you have a German Shepherd very seldom found in Europe today.

In obedience Zidan is highly motivated, extremely precise and flashy. Qualities uncommon with dogs of size. When it comes to personality, Zidan has a strong presence (as you would expect given his appearance) yet is friendly, affectionate and playful. Zidan is good around children.

Although Zidan’s training to date has prepared him for dog sports, he is a beast. He has a crushing bite and very strong fight drive (a desire to not only bite but fight an opponent). After completing our Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog program Zidan will very much be a “force to be reckoned with”.

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