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Olly Head

Olly is an exceptional Doberman in size, structure and working ability. When it comes to size Olly’s bone and substance is very much that of a Rottweiler! In comparison to American bred Doberman’s, it makes for one extraordinary looking Doberman. Also unique is that European Dobermans are almost never cropped or docked. Structurally, Olly has consistently placed at the top of his class in European conformation shows including a national specialty.

From a personality standpoint Olly is a sweetheart. He loves everyone he meets including young children. Olly is attentive as one would expect from a Doberman yet without the usual neediness found in American Dobermans.

In protection Olly is INTENSE as can be seen in the video below. His aggression is explosive when turned on, even when doing box training as demonstrated in the video.

Olly is the dream dog for any Doberman enthusiast, or anyone wanting a striking companion and protector. He is available trained as an Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog for $35,000.


Olly’s foundational training in Europe