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Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog

German Shepherd

Sold to: Matt E. in Los Angeles, CA


A little of Karmen's protection training in Europe prior to coming to CPI.

For a lot of our clients the “classic” German Shepherd is black and red, like Karmen. In Europe, this “classic” look is always is always the result of breeding of show dogs. Karmen is no exception. She hails from top German show lines, including many who have earned the coveted VA (Excellent Select) title.

Karmen herself has competed in the show ring, in working trials and has passed the breed survey. She was the “pick of the litter”, and held back by the breeder. In order to insure Karmen had the advantages of a great upbringing she was raised by a friend in the same village. Karmen enjoyed a “childhood” of being around young children, other dogs (males and females, large and small) and a lot of exposure to village life. On weekends she would travel to dog shows, trials or the local Schutzhund club for training. You could say a classic story book upbringing for a German Shepherd in Europe.

What is unique about Karmen is she is TENACIOUS in protection, very uncharacteristic females, and even less so of European show dogs. She balances her tenacity with a love of everyone she meets. When not “turned on” in protection, Karmen is as laid back as a German Shepherd gets.

Karmen is the perfect family companion and protector.