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Belgian Malinois

Sold to: Mohammed E. (Dubai, UAE)


ET would be considered very substantial if he were a German Shepherd, however he’s not one. As a Belgian Malinois, with most weighing 65 pounds, ET is “ginormous.” He also has the richest red coloring that any of us can remember seeing in recent years (highly desirable in the Belgian Malinois breed).

When it comes to personality, ET’s is HUGE. We often use that term to describe dogs we profile, and rightfully so. We do choose dogs to profile who stand out in appearance, personality, and performance. When it comes to ET, most of our profiled dogs pale in comparison. He is bigger than life in personality, but it doesn’t stop there. ET is affectionate perhaps even to a fault. You often have to tell him to stop; he’s never met a person he didn’t absolutely positively love!!

In protection, however, he will be devastating toward anyone he is instructed to turn against. Even for trainers with bite suits (and neoprene gauntlets underneath to absorb pressure and lessen pain) ET’s bites are excruciating.