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Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog

Belgian Malinois

Sold to: Michael L (Orlando, FL)


Elliott is a three year old Belgian Malinois. He is extraordinarily large for a French bred Belgian Malinois weighing in at 90 + pounds. Like most great dogs in France he has been raised and trained for competition in the French Ring Sport (by far Europe’s most difficult dog sport). Elliott was also fortunate to have been raised and trained by the president of one of France’s most successful Ring Sport clubs.

Raised in a home, Elliott’s companion by day has been his “older brother” a male German Shepherd. Personality wise he is a lover. As sweet and affectionate as can be. In spite of his power and drive when “turned on” he is very easy to handle. That has included Elliott’s owner’s twelve year old daughter handling him for weeks at a time while her father recovered from an injury.

Anyone who has watched our videos can see that most Malinois’ do everything with style from “jumping” into the sit and down to unparalleled protection. Perhaps as a result of his size combined with his heart, Elliott’s bite is all the more excruciatingly painful than most. The seriousness with which he brings to protection seems almost in proportion to his size.

The icing on the cake with Elliott is that despite his enthusiasm to perform, and his playful personality, he is use to laying calmly for hours around the house just waiting for his owner to return. Elliott will make an absolutely wonderful companion.