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Fully Trained


Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog

German Shepherd

Sold to: Cory S (Orlando, FL)


Dash in Europe just after he was purchased. The video does not even begin to do him justice.

Dash is a medium size German Shepherd out of strong working bloodlines. He has exception structure, and is a traditional bi-color (90% black w/ tan only on legs). As German Shepherds go Dash is in the top 1% of the top 1%. He has EXTREME drive when it comes to biting, fighting and the desire to engage a potential attacker. His make up lends itself to be “turned-on” in a fraction of a second, and over come ANYTHING to manage a situation.

In obedience Dash is fast, flashy and does everything with great style. Of course that’s not so important in everyday life, but as trainers it’s something we appreciate. He has a “wow” factor to just something as simple as being told to “lay down” or “heel”.

Dash also has a great personality, is extremely friendly with everyone and will make an extraordinary companion.