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Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog

German Shepherd

Sold to Marc K. Lisbon, Portugal

Faron Head 2


Faron’s former owner, a member of the secret service in Europe, invested greatly in his ongoing training both for sport (including titling in show and working trials) as well as for personal protection. His extraordinary ability combined with his excellent foundation in Europe can be seen with his drive, power and INTENSITY even before entering our Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog program (see video below).


Although Faron is so intense in protection, his personality outside of protection could not be more opposite. He is extremely happy, friendly and playful like a puppy. That’s not to say Faron isn’t very dignified in everyday life. He knows when to be composed, but when he sees that he’s free to “kick his feet up” he is just plain silly. We just smile, watch and enjoy him!

Future Family:

Faron is the ultimate dog for anyone wanting a very high level of protection and appreciates beauty. Faron enjoys children, including toddlers, and will be without a doubt everyone’s favorite member of the family.

Informal Protection Video of Faron in Europe from Canine Protection International (CPI) on Vimeo.