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Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog

German Shepherd

Sold to Badr E. Riyadh, SA

Faro Head 2

Faro is a two year old solid black German Shepherd out of top European working bloodlines. We first imported Faro’s brother Fado who immediately impressed us with his outstanding character and extreme ability in protection. When offered the opportunity to look at Faro we jumped at it. Faro has the very same character and big personality as his brother Fado. This includes being extremely happy, affectionate, friendly with everyone and tolerant to an extreme. Those extremes include allowing virtually anything to be done to him by family members, including children. In other words, Faro’s a love bug!

In obedience Faro is rather fast, happy to please, easy to handle and quite impressive to watch. Faro’s protection is as impressive as his personality. He has great drive, is extremely powerful, has a tremendous bite and is willing to endure a fight as long as needed.