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Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog

Belgian Malinois

Sold to Deiter K of Hamburg Germany

Cayenne Head 2

To say that we are exited to have been able to purchase Cayenne would very much be an understatement. It’s not very difficult to find powerful Belgian Malinois. Although a little more difficult, those Belgian Malinois who entertain us through their “flying” through the air when sent to bite are there to be found. What sets a dog like Cayenne apart is his temperament, personality, trustworthiness around children, performance and without a doubt appearance (most Belgian Malinois are small and look like German Shepherd mixes). By performance we mean the everyday style which Cayenne brings to everything he does. You can get a sense of this with the informal video taken of Cayenne below.

Cayenne’s ability in protection goes well beyond just “flying” and a demonstrative style. As you would expect from an extraordinary Belgian Malinois, Cayenne is truly a force to be reckoned with. That raw power is available at a moments notice. We look forward to adding to Cayenne’s ability with advanced fighting skills (the techniques required to fight multiple violent attackers for an extended period of time) and our advanced handler protection exercises.

Cayenne Flying from on Vimeo.

Cayenne – Obedience, Protection and Personality (footage of Cayenne in everyday life) from on Vimeo.

Cayenne – Informal Training from on Vimeo.