Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog



Faro is a one-and-a-half year old German Shepherd with an excellent foundation in training. He was raised in a family with a toddler, teenagers and a Dachshund. His training for dog sports has been with his teenage handler who has done an outstanding job. We were extrmely excited to aquire Faro as he seems to have the life experience of a three year old yet is still under two years old.

Our apologies in advance for the music on the video. It was filmed and edited by his young owner. Once Faro is in the U.S. we will produce a new video.

Baro is a one-and-a-half year old with an interesting background. Baro’s breeder is much more concerned about “real" protection than sport so he looks to dogs in law enforcement. The breeder chose a very extreme police dog named Cayman to sire the litter. Strangely, outside of K9 law enforcement Cayman competes extensively in the show ring. He was consistently V rated in regular shows (rating of Excellent) including V1 or first place. Cayman also went on to win Best of Breed and Best in Show at specialty shows. So a real working dog who happens to also be beautiful with excellent structure. Cayman’s father Junker is a top placing dog in dog sports. He is also known for being a real crowd pleaser with his “flyng” on long bites. Also, a very good looking dog. Baro’s mother’s father Aris is an accomplished police dog as well. And a good looking one at that. 

Baro combines both family traits, he is beautiful and intense in protection. His background prior to coming to CPI has been both competitive sport training and personal protection/ police style training on the side. As you will see in the second video below, Baro is just as sweet as can be.


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