The CPI Difference

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Our success in becoming an international leader in the sale of protection dogs has been first and foremost because of our unique approach to training. That unique approach provides the foundation for you to enjoy your dog’s impeccable manners, complete off-leash control and the most advanced level of canine protection available. Anywhere. When it comes to integrating their performance (impeccable manners and complete off-leash control) into your everyday life our training is only one piece of the entire puzzle.

Pre-Delivery, Delivery and Post Delivery Instruction

Remote Training by CPIRemote Training Session

Our pre-delivery electronic instruction begins the process of learning. On the delivery you will receive handling instruction that transfers performance from us to you, regardless of not having prior experience with dogs. We further ensure your long-term success by scheduling in advance remote in-home follow-up instruction through the use of video conferencing. Our video conferencing brings our Director of Training into your home for as short or as long a period as needed. He will be able to watch you with your dog, provide instruction as well as demonstrate with a dog in our training room – whatever changes in handling may be needed.

We recommend these remote sessions take place at regular intervals during the first month of ownership. All of this instruction is without the expense of our trainers traveling to your home, nor any additional charge for the actual instruction.

Ongoing Support

Patty AKA Client CarePatricia – Client Care Coordinator

The other aspects which ensure your long-term success is our scheduled support. That scheduled support requires dedicated staff trained to provide it regardless of where you happen to live. Our support includes Client Care being immediately available whenever you call Monday through Friday (9:00 am to 5:00 pm), the cell phone number of your delivery trainer who is available 7 days a week, scheduled follow-up calls by client care (enough to be attentive without pestering) and 15 second online eSurveys to monitor your dog’s performance, and your satisfaction, long term.

We believe you should expect more than what can be offered by your local training center, someone selling sport dogs (Schutzhund, French Ring sport, etc) or one of the countless one or two person operations so common these days. Your dog should be a pleasure from day one, and throughout his or her life. We want to ensure it.


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