The CPI Difference

An interview of actor Steven Seagal speaking of his experience of Canine Protection International

What is the CPI difference? We could expound on the fact that we import the absolute finest dogs Europe has to offer, or that we spend more money on the dogs we purchase than anyone else in our business, which in turn provides a higher caliber of dog for your investment. It is true. It is important. However, as most of our clients are not professional trainers, many would not necessarily know the difference.

What differentiates us from others who sell imported dogs are our training, service, attention to detail, follow-up and availability.

It does not matter what a dog has done or can do on a training field. Nor does it matter what a dog can do for a trainer. What does matter is what the dog will do for you, how functional and integrated the training is in your home and everyday life. Our specialized training programs, and the techniques used in the programs, make a difference. All the difference.

What also makes a difference is the level of service we provide. This service begins with our desire to understand your specific needs, lifestyle and personal preferences, many of which you may not even be aware of. Through our conversations with you, and the many questions we will have, we will develop an understanding which will enable us to select precisely the right dog for you. Then we customize the training so that your dog is a joy to own from day one.

The attention placed on detail ranges from revaccinating each dog before delivery, providing a complete and thorough grooming, helping you to select the ideal dog food and supplies to outlining an acclimation program specific to your dog, lifestyle and household.

We find that just as important as all of this is following up to ensure everything is working out as planned. Then our long term effort to provide outstanding service is accomplished, in part, by providing each client with my personal cell phone number. As a result, I am personally available to you no matter where I happen to be. You are free to call me at anytime.

If I may answer any questions, or be of service in any way, please feel free to call me at 1.877.560.3647.


John H. Whittaker
Canine Industries, Inc.